This revolutionary new device from OtoNexus uses ultrasound technology to provide the data physicians need to instantly and accurately diagnose middle ear infection.

Improve clinical outcomes • Minimize unnecessary antibiotics • Reduce healthcare costs

For use by physicians, NPs and PAs, the OtoNexus ultrasound device

• Identifies the presence and the type of fluid behind the eardrum

• Provides objective diagnostic data — in seconds

• Employs one-use-per-patient tips and an easy-to-read interface

Find out more <link to the clinical benefits page> about this revolution in the diagnosis of Otitis Media.

Accurate diagnosis of Otitis Media

What Clinicians Say:

Dr. Gates’ work in developing this new technology will make a huge difference in diagnosis and management of otitis media…
— John Germiller, M.D. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
We urgently need such an instrument...
— Charles Bluestone, M.D. University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Gates is a physician who thinks outside of the box. The bottom line is, we need a sensitive and specific instrument for diagnosing otitis media...
— Jerome Klein, M.D. Boston University
The availability of a device to improve diagnostic accuracy of middle ear effusion would greatly benefit children…
— Richard Rosenfeld, M.D. SUNY Downstate Medical Center


Articles, white papers and videos about the diagnosis and management of Otitis Media, including:

- The international movement to reduce resistant strains of bacteria caused by overuse of antibiotics - New American Academy of Pediatric guidelines for management of Otitis Media

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