A revolutionary new device from OtoNexus Medical Technologies uses air-coupled ultrasound technology to provide the data physicians need to instantly and accurately assess middle ear infections, and in particular to differentiate when and when not to prescribe antibiotics.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

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Minimize Antibiotic Use

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Reduce Healthcare Costs

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Simple and easy to use by any level of caregiver, the OtoNexus ultrasound device:

•   Identifies both the presence and the type of effusion behind the eardrum

•   Provides definitive, objective data — in seconds

•   Employs one-use-per-patient tips and an easy-to-read interface

•   Find out more about this revolution in the assessment of Otitis Media.

Accurate assessment of Otitis Media

What Clinicians Say:

Dr. Gates’ work in developing this new technology will make a huge difference in diagnosis and management of otitis media…
— John Germiller, M.D. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
We urgently need such an instrument...
— Charles Bluestone, M.D. University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Gates is a physician who thinks outside of the box. The bottom line is, we need a sensitive and specific instrument for diagnosing otitis media...
— Jerome Klein, M.D. Boston University
The availability of a device to improve diagnostic accuracy of middle ear effusion would greatly benefit children…
— Richard Rosenfeld, M.D. SUNY Downstate Medical Center


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A Few Words From OtoNexus' Chair and CEO Caitlin Cameron


Articles, white papers and videos about the diagnosis and management of Otitis Media, including:

- The international movement to reduce resistant strains of bacteria caused by overuse of antibiotics - New American Academy of Pediatric guidelines for management of Otitis Media. (Read more)

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